1 in 185 Sub-Saharan African moms die from preventable causes during their pregnancy journey, which compares to 1 in 13,000 in high-income countries, World Bank

We can change this statistic together!

Pregnancy complications can be prevented by following the WHO standard pregnancy protocol, that you through carepay.social can give a Kenyan mom-to-be direct access to. All being done 100% digitally and transparently!

With just € 80 we can cover a mom-to-be's pregnancy care together!

  • Step 1

    In December I'll be running the 50k Maasai Mara Ultra Marathon. Motivate and support me by making the km I run matter.

  • Step 2

    By supporting every km I run during the Marathon (max. 50 km), we can make an impact for Kenyan moms!

  • Step 3

    When I've completed the Marathon, you’ll receive an email with my final results, where you can make your contribution!

  • Step 4

    90% of your contribution will go straight to a Kenyan mom's pregnancy care and you’ll be able to follow her journey digitally.

Support Kenyan moms-to-be with me!