#moveforher Mother's Day challenge

Boost employee happiness and health by encouraging them to move and create personal and measurable impact for moms-to-be in Kenya 

Join the challege from 1-14 May with your team!

  • Dopamine​

    Reward Chemical​​ 🏆​

    Achieve goals, compete with colleagues

  • Oxytocin

    Love Hormone​ 💕

    Help Kenyan moms, connect with colleagues

  • Endorphin

    Painkiller 🌱​​
    Exercise, move your body

  • Serotonin 

    Mood Stabilizer ☀️​

    Release stress, be outside

  • You decide the amount​

    Pick the amount your organization wants to contribute!

  • Your team earns it​

    Your team will move and work towards a common goal!

  • We announce results

    We give personalized reports on the funds your teammembers earned!​

  • We distribute the funds and report

    You and your team members can follow an anonymized mom's journey!

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What is the challenge? 

You and your colleagueswill run with and against each other to give Kenyan moms-to-be access to the pregnancy healthcare they need via the MomCare program, paid for by your employer up to a pre-set maximum amount. The more you run, the more moms can get access to healthcare. We will tell you the result achieved by your teams at the end of the challenge.

Why is this awesome? 

Not only are you having fun with your colleagues and helping the moms-to-bewhile you’re at it, we will after the challengealso match you with a mom, whose pregnancy journey you can follow through social impact reports with real data (anonymized) received via email. This will give you a chance to see first-hand the impact your participation in the #moveforher challenge has had on the lives of others.

How are kms tracked?

Before you start your run or walk, start the run tracker in the app.   

  • Your activity will not be counted towards the challenge in case of the following common reasons: Your activity does not have a GPS trace 
  • You tracked using the incorrect sport type 
  • You added your activity manually 
  • You edited your activity afterwards 
  • You uploaded your activity tracked with your smartwatch to adidas Running after the Challenge finished 

Once you’ve joined, activities that comply with the challenge rules will be automatically linked and counted towards the challenge – there’s nothing you need to do manually. 

In order to ensure that your activity is linked to the Challenge, the following criteria must be set: 

  • Your activity must have a GPS trace (unless otherwise specified in the Challenge details)* 
  • Your activity must be tracked using the correct sport type for the Challenge (e.g Running) 
  • Your activity must be tracked while the Challenge is active (the start and end time are always in your local time zone) 

If you track your activities with a smartwatch, please see the article linked here for more information. 

Can I cheer on my colleagues?

What about privacy?

We take your privacy very seriously and will only use your information for the #moveforher challenge and to send you providing healthcare cover to moms-to-be in Kenya. If you have any questions or concerns about how we will use your data, please refer to our Privacy Policy on our website or contact us directly. 

[Carepay.social will collect and use Participants' personal information in accordance with applicable data protection laws and Carepay.social's privacy policy. By participating in the Challenge, Participants consent to the collection, processing, and sharing of their personal information for the purposes of the Challenge] 

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