Stichting CarePay Foundation has been granted ANBI status by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

To maintain ANBI status, we need to publish the information on this page. “ANBI” means “Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling” in Dutch, which translates into Public Benefit Organization. A Public Benefit Organization is an organization focusing at least 90% of their efforts on the common good.

As part of the initiative, CarePay Foundation is fully focused on the common good by collecting funds for social impact healthcare programs in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Name of the institution
Stichting CarePay Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation established under the laws of the Netherlands on 11 April 2022, with its seat in Amsterdam (the “CarePay Foundation”).

RSIN/fiscal and trade register number
CarePay Foundation’s RSIN number is 863856871. The Chamber of Commerce trade register number is 86087487.

Contact details
AHTC, Tower D4 • Paasheuvelweg 251105 BP Amsterdam • The Netherlands

The objectives of CarePay Foundation are to, with digital technologies and partners:
- Raise funds for individuals in Sub-Saharan Africa to cover healthcare expenses at high efficiency and transparency.
- Create a direct and personal connection between the sender and receiver.
We believe anyone should be able to contribute directly to giving individuals in Sub-Saharan Africa access to healthcare (“the power to care”).

Policy plan (“Beleidsplan”) and recent activities
Click here for CarePay Foundation’s policy plan.
The plan includes an overview of our recent activities.

CarePay Foundation is managed by its board of directors. The members of the board are:
- Felix Claus
Victor van Vegchel
- Anneke Neuhaus
- John Simon
CarePay Foundation does not employ any staff.

Remuneration policy
Board members are unpaid. They receive no remuneration or fixed expense allowance. They may request to be reimbursed for reasonable expenses and attendance of meetings.

Financial accountability
CarePay Foundation’s financial resources may consist of donations, subsidies and further revenues. Financial statements will be published annually.

Annual financial statements

2022 CarePay Foundation Annual Financial Statements