#number1 challenge: 1-10 November

You have been challenged by Felix Claus to take part in the first #number1 challenge. The ultimate goal is to get running and create some impact while doing so 🏃🏽

From 1 until 10 November, you will try to run as many kilometers as you can.

Other people will join the #number1 challenge (feel free to share this link with friends), and a live leader board on Adidas Runtastic will show a real-time ranking.

Before the challenge starts, each participant commits to gift a dedicated € per km they are away from the #number1 of the challenge (e.g. #number 1 ran 200km, you ran 50km = 150km difference). We will invoice you the final amount (km difference * dedicated € per km) after the challenge ended.

Through carepay.social and CarePay's InsurTech platform in Kenya, 90% of your committed € amount will directly finance the pregnancy cover of a Kenyan mom-to-be (see main website for more info).

  • Step 1

    Fill in the form below to sign up to the #number1 challenge

  • Step 2

    You will receive an invitation to join the #number1 running group in Adidas Runtastic

  • Step 3

    From 1-10 November, you clock up as many km as you can in the running app!

  • Step 4

    We will send you a personalized grant request based on your results. 90% will go directly to a Kenyan mom's pregnancy cover

With just € 80 we can cover a mom-to-be's pregnancy care together!

1 in 185 Sub-Saharan African moms die from preventable causes during their pregnancy journey, which compares to 1 in 13,000 in high-income countries, World Bank

We can change this statistic together!

Pregnancy complications can be prevented by following the WHO standard pregnancy protocol, that you through carepay.social can give a Kenyan mom-to-be direct access to. All being done 100% digitally and transparently!

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