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This is a wonderful time and your friend thinks you are awesome.
They got you something truly special, the opportunity to help a Kenyan mom-to-be experience motherhood to be magical and potentially even save her life. 💕

  • Provide your details

    By setting up your e-mail address on the form below you sign up to be matched with the mom your friend supported in your name.

  • Get connected with a mom

    As soon as the new cohort of moms are enrolled we will connect you with the person who you are helping. You will learn about this via e-mail.

  • Follow the mom's journey

    Because of you and your friend a mom will have the chance for getting the care she needs and deserves and you will be notified every step of the way.

Our corporate solutions

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Our solution has helped over 20,000 pregnant mothers to date and was ranked#7 in Fortune Magazine's Change the World list in 2020. Allow us to take care of the complexities, we offer a stress-free and easy-to-implement solution that fits just right for what your business is looking for. All sizes and types of companies are eligible, from large corporates to small family-owned shops.