wear your cause social impact

Fashion meets tech meets social impact

carepay.social x vinokilo

What? - Own your style, own your social impact

  • We bring together fashion, tech and social impact
  • Turn your regular vinokilo tote bag into a personal art piece
  • Attach carepay.social's biodegradable QR code button and start your own fundraiser!

How? - Personalize and tech-enable your tote bag at our stand

  • Color, dye and individualize your vinokilo tote bag
  • Use and re-use your bag instead of single-use plastic
  • Receive personalized social impact reports 
  • CarePay receives around 10% of the money for making this possible, while 3% goes to transaction costs

Why? - You save lives when wearing this QR code-enabled tote bag

  • Double your personal social impact by (1) reducing your CO2 footprint by re-using your own personalized vinokilo tote bag and (2) increasing social impact by encouraging others to cover pregnancy care for Kenyan mothers with the QR code
  • Environmental impact: For every 9 plastic bags saved, you reduce your carbon footprint equivalent to 1km by a car
  • Social impact: For around every EUR 70 raised through your QR code, an additional Kenyan mom will have access to a safe pregnancy journey
  • Supporting mothers in lower-income countries is said to be one of the most effective ways to lower future environmental emissions, as less babies are born if their more stability and safety for their children can be guaranteed

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